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Emmanuel Cooper has been included in the London Borough of Islington’s LGBT Heritage Project.

A new heritage trail celebrating LGBTQ+ history in the London Borough of Islington has been launched with funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The trail can be accessed by an interactive map via a mobile phone or home computer and includes a tribute to the contribution of Emmanuel Cooper.

Emmanuel Cooper lived in Islington from 1973 – 1976. He set up a pottery at 138, Fonthill Road, N4 and worked there with his long-time assistant, Hassan I. Hassan, making tableware and researching into developing glazes for the electric kiln.

During his time in Islington, Cooper was deeply involved in gay liberation politics and was one of the founders of the Gay Left Collective which sought to contribute to a Marxist analysis of gay oppression. The collective published a much-respected magazine between 1975 – 1980.


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