The alchemy of ceramics never ceases to amaze me. There is little that is predictable in the transmutation of clay and glaze in the heat of the firing and despite scientific calculation, discoveries are made by chance as much as by design. Ideas about pots come from the materials I use, the processes I like, the people I meet, from where I live and the gritty reality of urban life… Colours and textures are those we encounter in the metropolis.



01. Conical bowl, stoneware, thrown, with slip and multiple glaze: 2007

02. Emmanuel Cooper throwing pot: c. 1967

03. Tableware range c.late 1960s

04. Teapot c. 1970s [Pallant House Collection]

05. Coffee set: 1976

06. Three vases, porcelain, thrown, with multiple glaze: late 1980s

07. Fonthill Pottery sign made by Emmanuel Cooper: c. 1973

08. Small bowl, porcelain, thrown with yellow glaze and bronze rim: c.1980s

09. Emmanuel Cooper packing kiln: c. 1974

10. Glaze tests. c.2005

11. Earliest surviving Emmanuel Cooper glaze recipe books: 1964

12. Jug: glaze test

13. Bowl, porcelain, thrown featuring the famous ‘Cooper blue’ glaze: 1996

14. Emmanuel Cooper dipping pots in glaze: 1978

15. Yellow bowl, porcelain, thrown with decorated rim: c. 2008

16. Conical bowl, porcelain, thrown with turquoise glaze and spot lustre decoration: 2008

17. Bowl, stoneware, thrown with slip and multiple glaze c.2002

18. Jug form, stoneware, thrown and assembled with slip and multiple glaze. c.2005

19. Conical bowl, porcelain, thrown with yellow and gold lustre decoration: 2004 [Fitzwilliam Museum Collection]

20. Three jug forms. Stoneware, thrown and assembled. c. late 1990s

21. Three conical bowls, stoneware, thrown, with slip and multiple glaze: 2007

22. Teabowls. Stoneware, thrown and turned. 2008

23. Two stoneware jug forms, thrown and assembled with slip and glaze: c. 200s

24. Conical porcelain bowl, thrown with yellow glaze and red rim

25. Emmanuel Cooper throwing pot c. 1990s

26. Three vessels, stoneware, thrown, c.2000s

27. Handbuilt tea towls, porcelain, 2010

28. Handbuilt jug forms, porcelain, 2010

29. Handbuilt chalice or ‘nones’ based on ‘Ku’ form ritual vessels

30. Emmanuel Cooper throwing pot: Derek Reay: 2010

31. Handbuilt tea bowls, porcelain, 2010.

32. Emmanuel Cooper: in his shop – the Fonthill Pottery – 38 Chalcot Road: 2000s