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Two pots by Emmanuel Cooper have been selected as outstanding pieces from the acclaimed collection at the Craft Studies Centre.

The Craft Studies Centre, Farnham, is celebrating its 50th anniversary and to celebrate have asked each member of its acquisitions committee to select objects from the collection which are of particular interest to them and their fields of study in modern craft.

Both Felicity Aylieff (below, right) and Lesley Millar (below, left) have chosen pots by Emmanuel Cooper. Aylieff’s choice of a stoneware bowl with volcanic glaze was a recognition that Cooper ‘had not only been extremely important to my ‘thinking’ and career but was a significant figure in the ceramic community and academia’

Lesley Millar, who chose a porcelain jug with yellow glaze and gold lustre decoration, noted that ‘it is colour…that attracts me to Emmanuel Cooper’s pots, combined with the perfectly achieved shapes’.

Although the Craft Studies Centre is currently closed the exhibition is officially scheduled to run until the 20th August 2020.


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