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An Emmanuel Cooper stoneware jar and cover from 1972 in forthcoming auction.

An Emmanuel Cooper stoneware jar and cover made in the early 1970s is included in the Arts and Crafts auction at Woolley and Wallis, Salisbury on the 24th August 2021.

Further information on the auction can be found at the Woolley and Wallis website

The pot is part of the collection of David Coachworth and Peter Myers who purchased it from an exhibition of Emmanuel Cooper pots, held at the British Craft Centre, London, in October/November 1972.

The exhibition price list has survived in Emmanuel’s archive - the pot, described as a ‘Lidded Jar’ is 'No 15: White glaze’ and cost £5.00!

The exhibition coincided with the publication of Emmanuel's History of Pottery, the book which established his name as a writer on ceramics and through five editions remained in print for over forty years.


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