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One of Emmanuel Cooper’s finest pots is the centrepiece of work shown by Contemporary Applied Arts at the first Artefact Contemporary Craft Fair taking place at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, London.

This porcelain conical bowl was one of the last pots made by Emmanuel Cooper

It was delivered to London’s Contemporary Applied Arts [CAA] on the 9th December 2011 and in the accompanying handwritten paperwork was described by Cooper as 'Chinese Yellow with lustre/enamel.’ Cooper died five week later and because CAA believed the bowl to be such a significant example of his work decided to acquire the piece for their permanent collection.

Now, with a major of restructuring of CAA underway it has been decided to offer the bowl for sale. It will be the centrepiece of their display at the Artefact Contemporary Craft Fair which takes place at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour between the 22nd – 29th June. 2021.

The bowl is a superlative example of Cooper’s mature work. Thrown with sensitivity and supreme confidence its relatively simple form has been 'transformed through glaze and other surface decoration into an object which resonates with colour, life and texture.'

For information about and - free - tickets for the Artefact Contemporary Craft Fair click here

For information about CAA at Artefact click here


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